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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honda Odyssey Launch Gen-4

Good news for luxury MPV Pengemar fanatical middle-passenger Honda 7, the Odyssey. The fourth generation of Honda MPV will be launched in next May in Indonesia by his ATPM, PT Honda Prospect Motor. This information is obtained from the nearest Honda.

Actually, Odyssey launch in Indonesia was a year delay. The reason, HPM memasokkan planned this latest version at the beginning of the year. However, because the recession engulfing the world and get swept Indonesia, HPM was postponed.

Now, with the economy getting better, selling cars these days continues to increase, Honda decided to get this middle MPV market. Machines used the same capacity Odyssey CR-V and 2.4-liter Honda Accord. As for transmission, automotive CVT with torque converter. During the 2009 Honda Odyssey does not sell at all, whereas in 2008 only 3 units.

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