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Friday, July 2, 2010

The coming of the all-all-new Nissan X-Trail CVT

new Nissan X-Trail CVT
Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. announces another development with the advent of the all-new Nissan X-Trail CVT. The all-new X-Trail combines the functionality, convenience, and style to Filipino consumers the best value product to fit their lifestyle. This suits the market's rapid pace, but balanced lifestyle - consumers who work hard but play hard.

"The advent of the all-new Nissan X-Trail CVT, as well as other models that we bring is proof of our commitment to our customers. Commitment to the best value product that will fit their needs and wants to deliver. The All new X-Trail is packed like that - a vehicle that will respond to the consumer's lifestyle should be supported by features that will ease, convenience, pleasure and safety, "shares Allen Chen, president and CEO of Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc.

The X-Trail CVT's design is inspired by the design of the toughest and authentic SUV in Nissan's product line-up. One would think it is similar to X-Trail the previous models, it is because the lead designer maintained that tough and functional characteristics known to the X-Trail. Based on extensive research among the first generation X-Trail owners, they loved their cars so much that they are not a thing to change. Hence the all-new X-Trail is subject to the styling concept of "function-oriented design" meant rigidness and comfortable roominess and good visibility leads to good maneuverability appeal. The all-new X-Trail CVT boasts a new chassis and new body, and the new features of the new model is attractive for the new generation of brass.

Guaranteed driving pleasure

The all-new Nissan X-Trail features of the CVT XCVT (Xtronic Continuously variable transmission) known to Nissan that guarantees a smooth driving experience drivers. Or the city or ride on a challenging terrain, the Xtronic CVT provides smooth gear change to fit customers' needs for more natural, strong sense of acceleration, which means less fuel consumption. This means a stress-free "no-shift shock" for the ride comfort.

Powered by the QR25DE 2.5-liter engine displacement, the all-new X-Trail is built high torque motor and output services. The improved QR combustion engine is designed to improve and optimize the operation. It also causes a lower noise and vibration. This gutsy QR engine with two overhead nokasse deliver peak performance of 170 kW of power and maximum torque of 230Nm.

With the all-new Nissan X-Trail CVT, one is certain comfort and ride stability to experience as it is built with a new suspension system was developed in Europe is designed. The new suspension system meets the condition, especially on a rough road and a long ride. Approved by the high-caster strut front for the straight-line stability at high speech and the rear sail approval of a multi-link system for optimal luggage space and ride stability.

This new model has a tight minimum turning radius of 5.3m, loft store-to-edge, the minimum in the market! It will be convenient in the city driving, especially a convenience to the rank in tighter spaces or parking.

Strength of the advanced technology

The all-new X-Trail uses a whole 4 × 4 mode electronically controlled 4WD system. It offers excellent performance 4WD plus reduced weight and size of the drive train. The system sends only the necessary torque, preventing the transmission of excessive torque.

It also has a mode control with the choice of ideal Dial-off drive at any speed or in a driving condition. The control dial is conveniently located behind the gear level in the center console, allowing administrators to choose whether or 2WD car to go, as well as 4WD. In normal driving conditions, the 2WD mode offers the best fuel economy for everyday driving. The car preference, on the other hand, monitors engine speed and acceleration. It distributes the required torque to the rear wheels automatically when needed. If you choose to use the 4WD, you can use the lock mode that locks the center link for full-time 4WD operation.

It also has a Cruise Control feature that certainly the managers for a long ride will travel a pleasure. The Cruise Control feature allows the driver of the vehicle's speed determined. It is mounted on the steering wheel that can accelerate the managers at the touch of a button. For challenging terrain, the all-new X-Trail is everything 4 × 4 electronically-controlled 4WD system will be useful. This feature allows all new X-Trail 4WD CVT excellent performance with reduced weight and size of the drive train as well as the system allows only the necessary torque, preventing the transmission of excessive torque delivery - especially one way to be fuel efficient.

Convenience and safety all in one

The all-new Nissan X-Trail CVT not only the promise performance and power, but also the comfort and safety.

The versatile seating arrangements, with 6-way power seats, customers can more freedom and cargo needs to have. One will be surprised with its load-carrying capacity, but it can accommodate mountain bikes, even without the front wheels off!

The all-new Nissan X-Trail also has impressive facilities within - trunk drawer, full-flat rear seats or all seats configuration mode.

The new model is also designed with safety features six airbags, High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps for better lighting and more strength in the dark ride, and a Zone body concept for added security and protection in case of frontal crash.

new Nissan X-Trail CVT 2

new Nissan X-Trail CVT interior

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