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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ford UK gets new tarted-up Fiesta S1600

Ford Having driven the 2011 Ford Fiesta on more than one occasion, if there’s anything it doesn’t lack, it’s flash. However, Ford’s UK arm saw fit to imbue the standard three-door model (which we won’t get a crack at in the States) with a new body kit, 17-inch matching white wheels and contrasting stripes. Combined with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, new handbrake cover, gear knob and “Motorsport-branded” floor mats, it all adds up to create the Fiesta S1600. What? You were expecting the ST already?Ford Although the 1.6-liter four-pot remains the same, as we noted in today’s First Drive, the Fiesta could use a bit more oomph in the horsepower department, and to that end, UK consumers can order their S1600 with the Ford-approved Mountune engine upgrade which boosts output another 20 hp, dropping the Fiesta’s 0-60 mph time by two seconds.Ford’s limiting the S1600 to 650 examples, available now from dealers for £16,645. Or, you can just wait for the ST to really exploit the Fiesta’s exceptionally competent chassis and suspension. Make the jump for the details.Ford

fiesta s1600 630op Ford UK gets new tarted up Fiesta S1600

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