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Thursday, May 6, 2010

1955 Ferrari 250 MM GT Berlinetta

Beginning as MM 1955 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Ferrari is a typical low-volume car in that there is little clear consistency between them. Within one year from the early 1950s, Ferrari victims spanned a variety of wheelbases, engines, and coachbuilt bodies, but all have certain similarities in the chassis and running gear.

In 1954, Enzo Ferrari began to bring order to the chaos a few models with the 250 GT Europa, generally regarded as the first true production car. It displays the 3.0-liter (2953 cc, 180 cubic inch) version of "Columbo" short block V-12 and rode a 102.3-inch wheelbase, 6.7 inches shorter than its predecessor 250 Europa. Furthermore, the front coil spring was replaced and the frame transversely across the rear axle is now live.

Although no one knew at that moment, the new GT Europa will be the first in a long line that will stretch 250 GTS to the middle of next decade. And because this is the latest from Ferrari was greeted with enthusiasm, the spinoff will not be long.

Among them is a unique 250 MM GT seen here, a handsome and Berlinetta bodied by Pinin Farina designed. A-one off with a special interior, was first seen at the Paris Auto Show in late 1955. MM stands for the Mille Miglia, the famous hillclimb road race champion has won the Italian Giovani Bracco in 1952.

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