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Friday, May 7, 2010


Toyota has launched a sister of the Land Cruiser, which is called Macho Hulky Fortuner SUV. Although the launch late in the growing Indian SUV market, Japanese automakers were taken to surprise with a large number of reservations to accept hulky Fortuner SUV.

The company is expecting a number of around 2000 units of the Fortuner has been overshadowed by a large reserve of about 5000 units in the month of his own debut. Toyota must have been taken for a big surprise by the response from Indian customers even in a recession, this is a clear indication to any company for that matter that India has a great potential for the best product in any segement. In accordance with the news that Toyota has been stopped from booking for a cute little gaint and has asked customers to wait with patience to wait 3-4 months time.

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The Fortuner although it has looked great, good interior and powerful engine under the hood, he still must compete with its rivals in this segement.

Considering the price, looks, features and engine here are few rivals which Fortuner has to compete.

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