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Thursday, May 6, 2010


After that the machine actually reprogramme electronic control unit, fuel injectors, high performance and powerful turbocharging. As a result, the power of 385 hp engine is smooth

Brake system is upgraded through the installation Stoptech mechanism with six-piston front and four behind the slide-hporshnevymi. Naturally, also brake linings replaced. Suspension ground clearance becomes harder and less. To set a low-profile tires Dunlop Direzza the wider 18-inch alloy wheels have little to broaden the front wheel arches. In general appearance the car has undergone major changes. Thoroughly described in the aerodynamic front. Maintaining the strength increases at the expense of a new front bumper, lead free air. Bonnet made of carbon fiber. Carbon and the lid, and set up a customized antikrylo big. Receive a new rear bumper diffuser.
AMS Performance tuning costs not specified. Although not known as whether they will be available separately or in one integrated package.

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