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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Powacaddy story

The story starts some years ago when I first recommended to the then Greens Convenor, now Captain, Rod Dallas, that we should adopt what they have been doing at Fraserburgh for many years - offer soil and seed bags for members to carry round with them and repair their own divots.

Nothing happened with my suggestion until, at the start of this season, it was announced that we would be doing this at Banchory, and, after a further delay, it finally started this week. I felt the least I could do, therefore, was pick up a bag for yesterday's medal.

The only problem was the size of the bags - whereas Fraserburgh is a small, inobtrusive bag - the size you might carry balls and tees in - the Banchory version was like a shopper's handbag:

The weight was so much that it toppled over my trolley a couple of times, and when I picked it up after the second occasion, I felt the handle was a bit loose - and then the whole shaft sheared!:

I managed, with great help from Rob and John M, my playing partners, to stagger round the course as the electrics were still connected, but I had a stiff back stooping to hold the low slung handle. When we got the Doo'cot, we gave up on the trolley and John McWhinnie, spotting my plight, came over and took my sick Powacaddy over to the pro shop.

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