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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Festival and local ales

Excellent festival - a big thanks to all those who put in hours of work every day. As one who only does a few occasional hours behind the bar, I appreciate the superb effort that so many others put in. Richard seems to have it running as a well-oiled (pardon the pun) machine now. It seems like Friday, in particular, went a bit smoother this time, with many punters choosing to come in earlier and thus avoid the massive peak hour crowds we had last year.

Haven't heard yet what the beer of the festival was, but my personal 1-2-3 was:

1. Acorn - Nelson Sauvin IPA

2. Otley - O-Garden

3. Williams Alba

No bus for us this year, but here's a few of the Banchory crowd having a good time - Andy Marshall, Colin Kilgour, Jo and I:

Nice beers on at Banchory golf club this weekend as well:

York Guzzler has ben particularly popular over the last month.

Incidentally, I discovered another golf club with ale - the somewhat formerly crusty Deeside now has Independence on tap.

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