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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

South African tuning company LupiniPower has introduced its wild 535bhp Chevrolet SuperUte pick-up.

From the other land down under comes a tuning job for the South African edition of the Chevrolet SuperUte SS that would turn a 1974 Chevy El Camino an envious shade of green.

The Chevrolet Ute was sole up until not long ago as a Pontiac G8 in a North American marketplace as well as continues to go underneath a name of a Holden Ute SS in Australia.

Thanks to the added power, LupiniPower's SportUte completes the 0 to 60 mph (96km/h) sprint in 4.4 seconds instead of 6.0 seconds, while 0-100 mph (160km/h) goes by in 9.9 seconds, close to 4 seconds faster than the standard Ute.

The SuperUte rides on 20-inch wheels, with 8.5 x 20-inch rims at the front and 10 x 20-inch at the back, wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE050 ultra-high performance tires.

South African tuner LupiniPower has pumped up this Chevrolet SuperUte SS pickup to an outlay of 535 bhp (399 kW) as well as 590 lb-ft of torque (799 Nm) upon the supercharged 6.0 liter V8 energy plant similar to that that goes into a Corvette ZR1. 0 to 100 km/h takes only 4.5 seconds as well as top speed is 175 mph (282 km/h).

The LupiniPower Chevrolet SuperUte can be had as complete new vehicle in South Africa for R639,900, equal to around US$94,000 / €67,400 / GBP58200 at today's rates.

Press Release

Based on the already impressive Chevy Ute SS, (sold as the Pontiac G8 in the US and the Holden Ute SS in Australia) the 535bhp 590lb.ft 6-litre supercharged V8 SuperUte is a pick-up with supercar credentials offering 4.5-second 0-100km/h acceleration, dramatic overtaking ability and elasticity. SuperUte is also more economical and greener than standard while still remaining docile, gentle and easy to drive.

Powered by a supercharged V8 similar to that found in the Corvette ZR1, SuperUte clearly is a supercar – 0-60mph acceleration of an automatic version improves from the standard Ute’s already handy 6 seconds to 4.4 seconds, while 0-100mph flashes by in 9.9 seconds – almost four seconds faster than standard.

SuperUte reaches 125mph in 15.5 seconds – that’s over five seconds quicker than stock, boasts a quarter-mile time of 12.7 seconds at 113mph and runs the standing kilometre in 22.8 seconds at 150mph while top speed is up 25mph to 175 mph.

SuperUte is not just all speed and power – improvements extend to bigger race-specification front disc brakes and callipers, while subtle yet effective suspension tweaks will see the Ute’s already impressive handling, road holding and dynamic ability also improve without undue compromise to ride and comfort.

The TractionBar is unique SuperUte device that Lupini applies to enable the pick-up to dip well below the five-second 0-60mph-acceleration bracket.

Another vital LupiniPower aspect is the company’s standard Warranty & Service Plan in its home market to ensure customer peace of mind normally lost when factory plans are voided by such aftermarket modifications. SuperUte enjoys a 5 -year Unlimited LupiniPlan Performance Warranty in South Africa.

The Lupini SuperUte comes with a striking staggered 20” wheel & tyre set-up with 8.5J front and 10J wide rear alloy wheels and Bridgestone Potenza RE050 ultra-high performance tyres, while option boxes available to be ticked include full Bilstein suspension and a limited-slip differential for the serious track day fan. Only a limited number of SuperUtes will be offered to guarantee exclusivity.

LupiniPower’s Chevrolet SuperUte sells for US $91 500 (Euro 63 000, GBP58000) for a complete new vehicle in South Africa. An identical LupiniPower SuperLumina option is available on the Chevrolet Lumina SS sedan.

LupiniPower Chevrolet SuperUte

Specification SuperUte Standard
Engine Supercharged 5967cc OHV V8 5967cc OHV V8
Power 535bhp @ 5600rpm 362bhp @ 5700rpm
Torque 590lb.ft @ 3400rpm 400lb.ft @ 4400rpm
Specific Power 90bhp/litre 60bhp/litre
Power to Weight 328bhp/tonne 222bhp/tonne
Transmission 6-speed automatic 6-speed automatic
Suspension Front: Direct acting stabiliser bar, Direct acting stabiliser bar,
progressive rate coil springs coil springs
Suspension Rear: Independent link, Independent link,
progressive rate coil springs coil springs
(1” drop in ride height)
Brakes Front: Alloy 4-piston callipers 4-piston callipers
320mm ventilated & slotted discs 290mm ventilated discs
Wheels Front: 8.5J x 20 Alloy 8J x 18 Alloy
Wheels Rear: 10J x 20 Alloy 8J x 18 Alloy
Tyres Front: Bridgestone Potenza 245/35R20 245/45R18
Tyres Rear Bridgestone Potenza 285/30R20 245/45R18
Warranty 5-year Unlimited LupiniPlan 5-year 120 000km

LupiniPower Chevrolet SuperUte Automatic – Performance vs. Standard

Performance SuperUte Standard Difference
0-40mph 2.5 seconds 3.0 seconds - 0.5 sec
0-60mph 4.4 seconds 6.0 seconds - 1.4 sec
0-150mph 22.9 seconds
Standing quarter-mile 12.7 seconds @ 113mph 14.6 seconds @ 102mph - 1.9s; 17km/h
Standing 1000m 22.8 seconds @ 149mph 25.8 seconds @ 130mph - 3.0s; 31km/h
Overtaking 50-75mph 3.1 seconds 6.5 seconds - 3.4 sec
Overtaking 75-100mph 3.5 seconds 5.3 seconds - 2.0 sec
Maximum Speed 175mph 150mph + 25mph
Fuel Efficiency
Open Road 26.3mpg 26.1mpg + 0.2mpg
Urban Cycle 18.8mpg 17.6mpg + 1.2mpg
Combined 23.7mpg 23.0mpg + 0.7mpg
CO2Emissions 227g/km 237g/km - 10g/km

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