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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dodge Nitro Detonator, Igniting Performance

2010 Dodge Nitro Detonator
Promising to deliver more style, capability, and value than ever, Dodge has released a special edition Nitro called the Detonator. For the 2010 Nitro model lineup Dodge has added more of everything, including power, restyled interior and exterior cues, that will come in 3 distinct editions including the Nitro Shock, Heat, and Detonator. Supporting the claim that the new 2010 Nitro offers more value, Dodge has made many options standard on the Detonator edition, that were otherwise nickel and dime’d into the previous SXT models.

2010 Dodge Nitro Detonator
Instead of relying on past years model labeling like RT, SXT, and others established by the Dodge brand, Dodge is now using exciting names. For example, the Detonator is most comparable to the 2009 Nitro SXT, except for the addition of options to make it a better deal. Standard features of the 2010 Detonator include better safety equipment, 20″ MOPAR painted and polished rims, decals, massive speaker system, and even Dodge’s ParkSense rear-park assist technology.
2010 Dodge Nitro Detonator Wheel
If you subscribed to the theory that past Nitro models offered more bark than bite, you’ll be happy to know they improved horsepower and torque across the entire lineup. The 2010 Nitro Detonator comes with 23% more horsepower and 12% more torque. 260 horsepower and 265 lb ft of torque is delivered via a 4.0 liter V6, which powers all three aptly named Nitros.
2010 Dodge Nitro Detonator
Somehow Dodge has managed to cram more power and a plethora of interior upgrades at an attractive price point. For just $25,995, buyers are treated to color matched cloth interior that matches the exciting exterior paint job. The 2010 Dodge Nitro Detonator debuted at the Detroit Auto Show featured an eye plucking yellow, complete with fender decals. From the looks, the bark is still there, but with the added performance, extra standard options, the bite can be felt. According to the official Dodge website, the 2010 Dodge Nitro Detonator should start igniting dealer show rooms soon.
2010 Dodge Nitro Detonator

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