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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bentley Continental GT Luxury Cars

Bentley+Continental+GT The Bentley Continental GT

Compared to the old, last of the line Bentleys like the Continental R and T, the new Continental GT was a massive leap forward in terms of styling, handling and construction. What made the new GT even more impressive was that despite the fact that it weighed over 2.3 tons, the Continental had the performance to match most modern supercars.The Continental GT heralded a new chapter in the history of Bentley, as it was the first car to be produced under the ownership of Volkswagen and marked the ending of a 70 year long association with Rolls Royce.

Zero to 60 was reached in just 4.7 seconds and it could go on to a top speed a shade under 200 mph. Even when it reached the corners the Bentley’s advanced suspension system coped remarkably well at concealing the GT’s huge bulk.

The Bentley GT’s suspension utilises computer controlled air springs, which automatically firm up in the corners to reduce body roll, whilst inside the cockpit the driver could choose from a range of sport or comfort settings to tailor the handling to the road conditions or their driving style.

Inside the Continental GT was a true four seater and, unlike other 2+2 designed cars, could easily carry four adults in exceptional comfort. The interior is a combination of fine leathers and exquisitely matched walnut woods. However all of the modern refinements are also present including satellite navigation, cruise control, high end audio system and even fully electric, heated and massaging front seats.

Under the bonnet was the extremely powerful six litre W12 engine that could deliver 550 bhp and 650 Nm of torque from very low down in the rev range. Power was delivered to a sophisticated four wheel drive system via a six speed automatic gearbox, which incorporated finger tip mounted controls on the steering wheel.

Despite all the advances in technology Volkswagen has made sure that the GT still retains the looks of a true Bentley, with its large imposing body, elliptical xenon headlights and un mistakable mesh grill. This is a Bentley for the 21st century and one that still has tremendous presence and stature.

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