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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lexus LFA Special Edition Officially Revealed – As if this NEEDED to Happen

 Lexus LFA Special Edition  Officially Revealed   As if this NEEDED to Happen... [High Res Photos]

Lexus feels the need to release a sub-model of its LFA. As if the car needs any more attention drummed up; enough people are drooling over this piece of engineering arrogance as it is.

Officially referenced as the SPECIAL EDITION (and not Nurburgring Edition) in the press release , it’ll be available in Black, Matte Black, “Whitest White”, or Orange.

The LFA SE will come with canards and a fixed wing in CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer); you know, to make it more unique than the other $375,000 Lexus down the street. Also, they’ll apparently help at the track aerodynamically.

Power is said to get a boost from 560 to 570 horsepower (ECU work, most likely), and the suspension is “high-power-only”, whatever that means. The Special Edition’s SWs (special wheels) will be shod in grippy rubber (Haiguripputaiya), which should help get the power to the ground through the re-calibrated transmission.

Whereas a regular LFA’s shift speed on a track day would be around 0.2 seconds, an SE owner’s rack day will get done just a hair quicker at 0.15 seconds.

There’s no word yet on pricing…this is the point where clever people would usually put “If you have to ask…”, but I’m not clever, I’m realistic. You just can’t afford it. That, or you don’t live in the right area with the right roads.

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