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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Lexus Luxury Convertible

Lexus+Luxury+Convertible Top Luxury Cars   The Lexus Luxury Convertible

Almost all vehicles of the Lexus Luxury Line up are quite appealing for auto enthusiasts, but their convertible is no doubt one of the most refined convertible vehicles in the world today. A Lexus Luxury Convertible is a real masterpiece, which serves as an evident proof of dexterity and skills of those quietness kings at Toyota who have been making the most of their magic to develop such a nice convertible.

Most of younger audience seem to prefer Audi, BMW and Mercedes convertibles because of their open top, and now the IS 250C has been developed on the very basis of the IS saloon. The young car enthusiasts would definitely find it full of fun and lot easier to maintain a Lexus Luxury convertible just like Mercedes, Audi and BMW convertibles.

Whether it is about exterior or interior, the new Lexus convertible is exceptional in its each aspect, it give you all what you can expect from a real luxury convertible. It has integrated sat-nav, ultra-bright headlamps, heated front seats, hard disk nav, and parking cameras. In its top range, a cutting-edge crash protection system has been featured and there are many other extras including an adaptive cruise control. Therefore, with all these exceptional features and astounding specs, it becomes an impressive performer, but this performance can only be enhanced if the vehicle is maintained the way it wants to and provided with all what it wants to have. It was in 1989 when Toyota launched its LS 400 sedan as the first vehicle of its Lexus Luxury line up. The LS 400 sedan saw tremendous success and the company further expanded the line by including some other remarkable vehicles like a coupe, another sedan and an SUV and convertible models.

Another thing that makes maintaining a Lexus Luxury Convertible remarkably joyful is its metal roof that can be easily folded. This is the very feature of the Lexus convertible, which makes it a real impressive and somewhat exceptional vehicle. Whether it’s opened or closed, it looks beautiful in its every aspect and you don’t have to do a lot to keep things going.

The IS 250C convertible features a 2.5-litre V6 engine that has been housed in the other IS models. It gets 130mph as its top speed with average 30.4mpg and 219g/km emissions. A standard 6-speed auto box has steering-wheel mounted shifters.

Just roof up and you will find the convertible as shrilly silent as any other vehicle of the luxury brand. Just down the roof and you will notice only slight wind and it’s all because of the staggering aerodynamics, which have been featured in the new Toyota Convertibles.

Maintaining the Lexus luxury convertible is not something hard to attain, but those who want maximum performance from their vehicles in minimum time, they definitely need to work on it to get all the fun that they expect from their vehicle and you have to take some steps to get the desired results and best performance from your vehicle.

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