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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Short Shifter for Honda Civc Luxury cars

Acura Integra Installation Instructions

Short Shifter Honda / Acura Installation Instructions:
1) Raise the vehicle. Use ramps or a jack and jack stands. NEVER work under a vehicle that is supported by the jack.
2) Remove the stock shift knob from inside the vehicle by twisting it counterclockwise.
3) Underneath the car, remove the bolt that attaches the shifter to the shift rod. Move the shift rod out of the way.

4) Remove the two locknuts and the shift ball holder plate. Pull the stock shifter out taking care to not damage the shift boot inside the car.
5) Inspect the shifter ball seat (plastic piece) and replace if worn or damaged.
6) Rub a small amount of white lithium or synthetic grease around the ball of the JG Edelbrock shifter. Guide the shifter up into the assembly. Before pushing it all the way in, guide the threaded end through the shifter boot from inside the vehicle. Make sure that the shifter bend is pointed towards the driver.
7) For Integra’s, use the long (45.5 mm) pin and the thick and thin aluminum spacers for side clearance. Lubricate the distance pin with white lithium or synthetic grease.
8) For Civics, use the short (30.5mm) distance pin with the washers for side spacers. Lubricate the pin with white lithium or synthetic grease.
9) Re-install bolt and locking nut – torque to 16 ft-lbs.

Short Shifter for Honda Civic

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