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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Skip Car

Introducing a cool car called the skip car. A skip that can go 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds...not bad!!!

Cool Skip Car Video

WITH a £20,000 price tag and top speed of nearly 150mph, this is a skip with a difference.
In fact, the Skipcar, which was developed by Newport waste disposal company GD Environmental Services, is the fastest on earth after setting the first ever landspeed time for a skip.
The skipcar was built from a high-powered Subaru Impreza WRX Type R, and its vital statistics read like the most impressive top trump card in the pack.
A top speed of 147mph, 300 break horse power, 0- 60mph in 5.3 seconds and the handling of a rally car are enough to get most motoring enthusiasts excited.
And owner and driver James Norvill is celebrating after the four-wheel drive speed machine entered the record books on the weekend when it clocked 93mph on a 400m drag circuit in front of thousands of spectators.
GD Environmental managing director Mr Norvill, who took the wheel at the Flame and Thunder event at the Northampton-based Santa Pod circuit on Saturday, said he hoped the record was the first of many to come.

"It is great fun to drive and a great way to publicise the business. We've basically stripped a Subaru Impreza and used it with a standard eight-yard skip to create the skipcar.
"Hopefully we can try and go a bit faster in the future. Maybe we will fit some nitrous oxide to the back of it," he added.
The two-seater car was created in a month by a team of mechanics at a price of £20,000 after Mr Norvill purchased a second-hand Impreza. It weighs 1.1 tonnes and is made of lightweight lower gauge steel.
The company has a fleet of hundreds of skips, worth around £500 each, and provides waste management and drainage services to businesses around the UK. For more on the Skip Car, visit

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