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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toyota Corolla also come to Argentina

Toyota Corolla So far it has not been set range argentina although it appears that besides the Toyota Corolla 1.8i 16v engine of 136 hp diesel could be launched, as is customary in other models of the segment. The point is that we do not know if it will be launched with Toyota Corolla 2.0 D4D of 126 hp or else be replaced by a block oldest, with two liters and 90 HP already used in the previous Toyota Corolla . In a few months quit doubts.
The new Toyota Corolla also come to Argentina

Although not currently know the exact date, Toyota will launch over the second half of the new generation Toyota Corolla , a four-door sedan that Argentina has enjoyed a good level of sales since its launch.

Bigger and capable than the current generation, boasts a bigger trunk and interiors with better quality, both visually and by touch. The equipment may also be very complete, with up to six airbags, Toyota Corolla ESP, xenon headlamps or automatic climate control.

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