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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Volkswagen Fans from all over the World

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Volkswagen Museum of Puerto Rico, and to share with you my personal collection of Volkswagen vehicles. The collection began with my personal transportation Volkswagen, and has grown to become, the largest known private collection in the world, with a present total over two hundred vehicles.

It is an eclectic collection! It gathers all types of models from a vast range of years. Strolling through the museum you will find pre-war vehicles, military units from both the German Army as well as some rare VW Coupes used by the U.S. Armed Forces for patroling post-war Germany.

The collection gathers vehicles found from all over the globe, many of historic importance, but our interest and preferences also include the everyday Volkswagen. The Beetles that created a culture that lasts to this day. Some of our vehicles have been somewhat modified or accessorized, but remain faitfhul to the big Bug movement of the 60's and 70's with era correct components and accesories.

Our vehicles are displayed in a unique environment. We have recreated a typical town in Puerto Rico, with its town square, church, it's barber shop, fire station, local bank, gas station and housing; all done to illustrate the impact that the Volkswagen had in our community, our lives, and the world in general.

Enjoy our cybernetic museum, but please, come and visit us in Yauco, Puerto Rico and also get to know our beautiful island and our wonderful people.

Dr. Norman González Chacón

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