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Saturday, June 26, 2010


So do not break the design of new car companies. Today we are witnessing the same thing a number of super cars. In addition, the company does not get tired of working so hard for designers too (it would be necessary to find the secret of this energy too!) One company that is designing the cars are so simple, and recently has been a super car,
the designers do a lot for them. It is now the company is one of the most popular on the streets and has become a real connection to all producers. This plant is called a friend of Nissan. In 2007, Nissan had decided to take their cars to a new level and therefore the Nissan Skyline GT-R was released. Coming out like an old school Skyline supercar has received a lot of changes. It seems as if the whole car is not even the face of such land. This created a lot of chaos on the market, as it was one of the car, shifted the car is full of super street tuner cars. In 2009, Nissan introduced the variant of the car. This version is known as SpecV. However, this option had taken my life, when he appeared. New SpecV includes a new carbon fiber rear spoiler. With the brake duct and the grille is made of carbon fiber as well. The car is made in Black Opal black rims looks nice. Interior design is now a custom Recaro seats, carbon fiber console and panels are made of carbon fiber.


SpecV can be powered from a 3.8-liter V6 engine. New gear to increase the controller allows the car is increased impetus to provide more torque. Titanium exhaust with the assembly of the suspension made the car less than half as much as important as the upper half. SpecV has decided to launch in Japan only for now. So you should better put your chop sticks, not to buy this car is a big mistake.

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