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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well - the end of a long run for me last night. Ever since DoD records were kept from 2004 onwards, over 7 seasons and a total of 116 appearances, I've never been DoD. I'd got to the stage where I believed it would never happen to me - but it has now.

Ian Dring is still a virgin but he was away for a few years, so has only played 59 games in that time, so he's got some way to go before he beats my record. The only other non-DoD'ers are Dan, Harry and Ken P, but they've hardly been around and their aggregate appearances combined don't even reach Ian's total, let alone mine.

Anyway, as Rob said, I was pretty grumpy last night - you would have been too if you'd played like I did - I never quite got my brain round starting off at the Doo'cot - but there might have been a little bit of pot and kettle, judging by this shot of my playing partner:

Anyone who hasn't played Banchory for a while - like Les last night - would be pleasantly surprised at the general condition of the course. Of course, it was the start of the Club Championship and the course is usually good at this time of year, but there's little doubt it's better than it has been for a few years - let's hope it stays that way. There is some serious rough now and if you do stray, you can be in deep trouble, as Hugh and Keith discovered last night:

Rob had my camera to take the photo of my hero-to-zero presentation of this week's ball to Keith, and for some bizarre reason took this shot of his own crotch:

Here's the winner receiving the spoils - first time since 22nd July last year:

The only other stats of interest were the fact that Ians Dring and Sharp both lost their 100% attendance records last night so only Dick and John M remain. We did have even sides in the over 60's v under 60's last night - and the youngsters won again by 9 aggregate points.

Here's the top 10 leader board, with scores to drop next week in brackets:

1 Taylor, Dick 351 (30)
2 Sharp, Ian 345 (24)
3 Meaden, John 340 (31)
4 Dring, Ian 337 (30)
5 Pollard, Rob 314 (19)
6 Stewart, Ian 305
7 Simpson, Jack 292
8 Cook, Archie 238
9 Gray, Keith 209
10 Corbett, Daniel 206

Dick and Ian are really neck and neck once the dropping scores are taken in to account. Just 11 weeks to go now.

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